Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A New Start: A New Theme

Hello everyone,

I have been off this blog for quite a while. There are many personal reasons for this. For the past three years, this blog has helped me put down in words what I have discovered along my faith journey. Posts sometimes contradicted each other, but my understanding of the Catholic faith grew throughout these years. I truly appreciated the comments visitors and subscribers left on my blog.

I feel like I am entering a new stage of this journey. I am still deeply concerned with ecumenical issues and long for Christian unity and reconciliation. I will continue to reflect on the Bible and write about issues dealing with Protestant-Catholic-Orthodox relations, but I will also focus more on Catholic writings, teachings, and current events.

I want to know what it means for me to be a Catholic in the postmodern world.

May God Bless You, Carnival

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  1. Read Archbishop Chaput's writings. You might like them :)