Monday, January 4, 2010

Genesis 10-12

In today's reading we read about the building of the Tower of Babel. From this account, we learn something very essential about our faith. Trust in God in all things, lest we think we can do everything ourselves and lose His favor. Here is God's response to the building of the Tower:

"The Lord said, 'If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they will do will be impossible for them' "
(Genesis 11:6).

God did not want the ancient people to become proud and forget their God, and He knew that the success of building the Tower would convince these ancient people that anything was possible without the help of God. God is testing us. We must praise God in good times and in bad. Will we be ready to rely on Him when we attempt something, whether mundane or extraordinary?

There is a greater story though that has just begun: the story of Abram. Abram was old and yet he trusted God enough to leave his homeland for a place foreign to him: Haran. Abram and his family became Bedouins in a world so unsafe and harsh. From Haran, Abram and Sarai moved to Egypt when the famine at Haran was unbearable. There, Abram did not present himself in a righteous way before Pharoah. Abram allowed Pharaoh to marry Sarai. His explanation: Abram was afraid that Pharaoh would get so jealous of the former that he would kill Abram to take Sarai. Abram was certainly not blameless, but somehow this man was chosen to become the father of the great nation: Israel.

(Tomorrow's reading is Genesis 13-15)

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