Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Year Bible - Day 2

Today's readings are Gen 2, Ps 2, and Mt 1:18-25. I will reflect on Psalm 2.

In this Psalm, although the rulers of the nations belittle Israel and its king, the LORD derides them (vs.4B). The kings think that they can conquer Israel probably because of its relatively small size or small army, but God has a plan for Israel and nothing the kings do can thwart this plan. In fact, in vs. 4 the Psalmist writes that the LORD laughs at these detractors. This is God's plan:

"I myself have installed my king
 on Zion, my holy mountain.
 I will proclaim the decree of the LORD,
 who said to me, 'You are my son;
today I am your father.
 Only ask it of me,
 and I will make your inheritance the nations,
 your possession the ends of the earth.
 With an iron rod you shall shepherd
 like a clay pot you will shatter them" (vs. 7-9). 

This promise, which God gives to Israel and its king, is fulfilled in Jesus Christ who is the Son of God and who has total dominion over the nations of the earth. He is also the Good Shepherd who does not will for any one of his sheep to go astray. 

Instead of mocking Israel, the Psalmist warns the kings to worship the LORD in fear and trembling. The Church is the New Israel, and it is no exaggeration that Christians are mocked and belittled in our world. In other countries, Christians are even killed. However, like Israel, God has a plan for the Church. In our culture, practicing Christians are a minority. Sometimes we feel alone, but we can take comfort in knowing that Jesus is the head of the Church. The only appropriate response to such a head is adoration. 

Prayer: Lord, may I remember that although at times I may feel alone in my worship of You, You are the  head of the Church and You will fulfill what you promised.

Tomorrow's Readings: Gen 3, Ps 3, Mt 2

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